Custom Fit Teeth Whitening Tray - Whiten Teeth Like A Pro
LUMIBRITE custom whitening tray

An impression is taken of the teeth and a stone model is created from the impression. The molded teeth are built up to form pockets allowing the finished mouthguard to hold the proper amount of Whitening gel on the teeth. The resin sheet that will become the mouthguard tray is vacuum formed around the model. Finally excess resin is trimmed to the gum-line. The tray is now ready for Whitening gel to be applied and placed over the teeth to be bleached.

LUMIBRITE - Testimonial: "After trying the LUMIBRITE Home Whitening I really liked the results and did not experience any sensitivity."

LUMIBRITE - Testimonial: "I was ecstatic over the results I got from using LUMIBRITE Take-Home Whitening. I am normally very sensitive to bleach but had no sensitivity when using LUMIBRITE!"